New Normal Scenario

What future is going to be like? Zero energy design and build is required for any new project to approve in Korea through 2025. More stringent requirement of fresh outside air intake may be ruled out on criteria to include higher air change, micro air treatment in redundancy, ad-hoc air separation, air distribution monitoring and control, and active energy recovery ventilation. Downside may be irrevocable increase of cost. Good news is marginal cost zero options. Some of you may ask as the following:

So what is it like to have new normal require to minimize risks in my utility monitoring and control system maintenance contract performance?
Cost would become catastrophe unless you understand what digital redundancy would mean in your work performance. It is like you need to start by understanding how to shape up all legacy equipment and devices to speak to digital sensors newly in place…then you need to figure out what characters of digital sensors are like and how to mix these characters successfully…Unless you hold minimum understanding of digital redundancy you might want to give up and wish to go back in shop instead of staring at monitors in central control room…

…or something like this:

What has pandemic got to do with risk minimization?
When it comes to identifying risks we tend to stay geared in what our own specific organizations are doing and don’t often enough look up and out for potential risks outside our landscape. This prediction is not limited to just geography. We need to go beyond boundaries and perimeters, and monitor if our performance are still reliable against any unintended consequences. We need certain prior time to have risk mitigation in place just in case such as this pandemic. There was a ban on contractor entry to work place for weeks. We never want to squish in frustration…not to get paid for those unperformed hours due to the ban in this pandemic situation…

Watch this project performance: expression of heritage preservation which may be ‘trial and ordeal’ to producer. See how different, unique and amusing. It may be convincing by the fact that lots of people watched. Do you feel how to redefine purpose of performance and what to touch to be in sync with contemporary characteristics of society, market or code on move? Do you see it all working in harmony to a redefined purpose? The new is right.