A Thing That Contributes to Civilization Advance

An overhead variable air volume (VAV) diffuser may define and help characterize  HVAC system performance in various way it is required. This device uses neither motor nor pneumatic engine. This product is thermally powered using phase change material fine-tuned in California. COANDA is featured as well in design. Housing is pressed by over 250 ton one-punch deep drawing for shallow curve on ridge. Vena Contracta is provoked by actuation mechanism for entrainment of secondary air to mix with primary within 0.6 meter of distance from discharge blade. These work for even distribution of supply air. Pondering if your system is this much original and civilized? Some helpful tips here. 

It is manifest destiny to deliver and pass around good things. Youone International or YOIUSA is a Texas reseller of HVAC solutions made in North America. Clients are mostly exporters situated in Southern California and, internationally, Asia Pacific. Area of interest is how to comprehend and deliver value developed by supply-end for user-end. Traditional industry to including EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) and ESPC (energy saving performance contracting) is undergone for digital transformation. Did you know by lowing fan speed in half, power use can be lowered to 0.125, and as low as 0.25 m/s air entrained in every single corner of your space may help in turning fan speed down by half? Believe or not, it is true but real world story may be different. The thing is if you knew it. You may be a manufacturer, engineer, builder, developer or export/import trader. When you write code/system/product specification/criteria, design, build, operate or maintain facilities and utilities, YOIUSA may be worth trying to work with.


  • Fire Proof Wrapper and Wrap Pipe Solution
  • Radiant Floor Heating Matt and Dry Installation Turnkey Solution for Home – Leader in Europe
  • Low Pressure Individual Temperature Control VAV for Office/Commercial – Leader in North America
  • UMCS Maintenance and Services – DDC/PLC on LonWorks, Niagara Framework and BACnet
  • Slurry Filtration, Duct Sealant, Coated Duct, No-Leak Exhaust Pipe
  • Custom-Build Plug-and-Play Energy Recovery Ventilation and Dehumidification Package