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The premier destinations for contemporary architecture and high performance mechanical systems in harmony of heritage nested for over 500 years here in Jong-Ro and Eulji-Ro of Seoul.

The Centropolis Executive Premier Office (2019)
Elegant folding screen with enriched cultural heritage and 500+ year aged systems legacy preserved beneath underground stands still in the center of hustle and bustle of Jong-Ro upon a number of hard thoughts to include complying with cultural properties preservation requirement and adopting the most fundamental civilization of low pressure VAV

The Center One Towers Premier Office and Retail (2010)
With 32 story high two towers and 1.8 million sq feet footage, the single largest and amazing redevelopment of legacy city center in Eulji-Ro took 30 years of trial and ordeal to be finally successful with low pressure VAV and LEED Silver accreditation in the middle of getting over with IMF financial crisis which whipped up the country’s economy in 2008 thru 2010
Hanwha Global HQ (2020)
Beautiful and innovative renovation of a 32 year old legacy tower with lots of geeks to include PV façade and low pressure VAV
SK Telecom Global HQ (2004)
With grace and uniqueness of earlier day cell phone shape, outfit and the most mechanically advanced building guts of low pressure VAV of greater temperature differential designed by Arron Tan of Rem Koolhaas school (OMA), SK Telecom Global HQ wanted to speak about real world leadership in ICT era just about to erupt in early 2000’s
DDP Design by Zaha Hadid and Ove Arup, Build by Samsung. Open in 2015 Seoul South Korea. Appear in Geberit Megazine as special article titled “A Sculptural Spaceship”

“Civilization, as the philosopher Zaha Hadid established, is not only vertically extended but horizontal and atypical to express richness of lives. It does not consolidate the solitude.”

Not even a single look identical DDP shares no matter where it is looked at. This is because not even a single piece out of all 43,133 nos of skin panel is identical in its curve. This was possible because of 3D BIM or building information modeling design process implemented from excavation to interior and landscape finish. Local designer paid attention to earlier establishment of Traffic Center at Seoul-Inchon International Airport completed in 2001 for reference, yet convincing data was locally unavailable. DDP is a single largest atypical mass in South Korea representing uncompromising characteristics of Zaha Hadid design.

One of innovation adopted is negative pressure for roof storm drainage. Because of atypical design to end up with lines of architectural finish endlessly extended, roof drainage route had to deal with adverse slope for chance of back flow and increase of slope to take greater portion of architectural space and structural load. Negative pressure drainage system solved all these issues once and for good.

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